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Helping Insurance Agents Build a $1,000,000 or More Book of Business

The PERMISSION FRAMEWORK designed to help you win signed Broker of Record Letters


Selling Insurance Doesn't Have to Be a Constant Struggle

But if you don't start implementing a winning strategy -- nothing will ever change!

  • Unsure exactly which industries are best to prospect?
  • Not motivated to prospect with any consistency?
  • Poor scripting and difficulty setting appointments?
  • Wasting time offering quotes to non-clients?
  • Always quoting but not winning often enough?
  • Not sure how to differentiate from the competition?
  • Tired of only ever writing small accounts?
  • Can't get the incumbent agent fired?
  • Can't seem to win signed Broker of Record Letters?
  • Stressed out because you're not making enough money?

My Sales Process Gets Results and It Will Work for You Too!

Our 7-Part Permission Framework will teach you everything you need to know to build a $1,000,000 or more Book of Business.

Our Permission Sales model is centered around the most powerful piece of paper in the insurance industry: The Signed Broker of Record Letter.

Ultimately, I teach insurance agents a 7-Part Permission Framework designed to stop wasting time “offering quotes” to non-clients and collect signed Broker of Record Letters instead.

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The 7-Part Permission Framework


This 7-Part Permission Framework is the foundational curriculum I teach that helps insurance agents build a $1,000,000 or more Book of Business.



Part 1

Productivity & Accountability

Without a personalized strategic plan, internal motivation, and constant accountability … you will likely fail. You need someone to guide you, walk with you, answer your questions, and give you wise counsel on what to do. I will teach you how to create your “Ideal Productivity Week” and keep the momentum going.

Part 2

The Millionaire Producer Mindset

There is a significant shift in mindset needed in order to begin prospecting and winning new accounts that are 12X BIGGER than what you’re used to. A lot has to change going from small to BIG thinking — but it’s not as difficult as you’d think. The goal is to do one thing twelve times in a year. I’ll teach you what it is and how to do it.

Part 3

Micro-Niche Development

The riches are in the Micro-Niches. Construction, manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality … these are industries, not Micro-Niches. To Micro-Niche you must narrow your focus and go deeper. I will teach you how to choose your most profitable Micro-Niche.

Part 4

12-Month Timeline of Services

I will help you create a 12-Month Timeline of Services & Products to offer your Micro-Niche prospects in exchange for their business. These need to be Strategic, Objective, and Written (S.O.W.) so that the prospect trusts both you and your team’s capabilities.

Part 5

3-Prong Prospecting Approach

The times have changed and so has what works in today’s marketing economy. I will teach you the “How To” when it comes to effective email marketing, social media, cold-calling, texting, walk-in’s, direct mail, networking events, COI’s, and other tips, tactics, and techniques, as well as both what to say and what not to say to your prospects.

Part 6

Controlling the Quoting Process

Currently, another agent is seated in your chair. He/She has the leverage and you don’t. I will teach you what to prepare for your 1st appointment with the prospect, how to convince the prospect to give you what you want, putting together a Superior Submission to the marketplace, and how to negotiate/renegotiate with both prospects and underwriters.

Part 7

Getting the Competition FIRED and You HIRED

Everything boils down to influence, position, leverage, and permission. I will teach you the WHY and the HOW of getting your prospects to fire their agent and assign their current policies over to you (aka: Broker of Record Letter). I will also teach you why 25%, 60%, and 15% are very important percentages to either your success or failure in prospecting, setting appointments, and closing the sale.




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