Hello, I'm Charles Specht

I help insurance agents grow their Books of Business to $1,000,000 or more.

Insurance Is a Tough Business

But it doesn't have to be that way for you!

Insurance Producers are the backbone of the insurance industry. In fact, both independent and captive agents — people just like you! — are the direct sales force behind the protection of assets, property, and the very lives (and livelihoods) of people from all around the globe!

What you do is extremely important, necessary, and your career choice should be applauded.

But that doesn’t mean insurance sales is an easy industry to be in, because it’s not. You're well-aware that it's tough, even “cut throat” at times, and there's a ton of competition out there trying to take the commission dollars right out of your pocket!

Any sales position can be challenging, but insurance sales is in a class by itself.

The world of insurance is both expensive and highly lucrative, fast-paced, and constantly changing. Gaining (and ultimately retaining) carrier appointments is a relentless pursuit, and keeping quality clients happy, satisfied, and loyal is a never-ending job.

This is why hiring a proven sales coach to guide, motivate, inspire, and train you (and your agency’s producers) to succeed will be the very best decision you will ever make in your insurance career.

"All-In-One" Sales Coaching

My Transformational 1-on-1 Sales Coaching program automatically includes full and unlimited access to the 12X Commission Mastermind, as well as the Millionaire Producer School digital course and the 12X Your Book with LinkedIn digital course.

Action vs. Apathy

Answer these two questions

Question #1

If you take "NO ACTION" and just keep plugging along with your current level of effort, your current level of production, getting the same old results you have been getting...would that be acceptable to you?

If you're not quite ready to get serious and take control of your future then I really can't help you at this point.

Question #2

If you take "ACTION" and I help you gain more clients through signed Broker of Record letters and you earn a lot more commission ... would that be worth a small upfront investment on your part?

If your answer to this second question is "Yes" then keep reading because I WILL HELP YOU achieve the goals and revenue results you're capable of achieving!


Client Testimonials

return on investment

Clients of mine who've experienced the highest Return on Investment (R.O.I.) were initially experiencing one or more of the following:

  1. You're not making nearly the kind of money you're capable of, but you don't know how to get to that next level.

  2. You’re fairly new to insurance sales and need a roadmap to help you succeed more quickly.

  3. Your book of business has flat-lined or even been steadily decreasing over time.

  4. You’re struggling to get new clients and/or set quality appointments with new prospects.

  5. You’re able to quote on prospect's renewals but you're just not getting awarded the business enough.

  6. You need help with marketing and prospecting, maybe even get prospects to come to you rather than going to them.

  7. You’re not comfortable (“mindset” issues) with cold-calling or prospecting in general, and you need help with scripting, etc.

  8. You’re sort of busy with daily servicing responsibilities, but pretty much bored and just coasting along. (Insurance hasn’t been “fun” for you in a while.)

  9. You lack consistent motivation and need accountability, direction, guidance, and maybe even a swift kick in the pants from time to time. 


$1,000,000 Book of Business


Before I began training agents, brokers, and agency principals around the country, I started out as an insurance producer and...like many of you...initially struggled in sales. I didn't know...

  • Who to call
  • What to say to a business owner
  • What my goal was for prospecting
  • What to give to the decision maker of my prospect
  • How to stop quoting and start winning
  • How to find my prospect's pain and greatest needs
  • (You name it, I struggled with it. Probably the same as you once did, too...or even still are struggling with today.) 

Does Your “No Quoting Insurance Policy Renewals” System Really Work-

What I Changed

When I first entered the insurance industry in 2000, I struggled and had no real idea what I was doing. I didn't have a strategic plan. It wasn't a terrible first year in sales, but it wasn't anything to write home about either.

Year #1 - "BEFORE" implementing a strategic system

  • $135,000 of new business commission that year

  • $4,500 of commission per client

At the end of that first year, I was fairly discouraged, disappointed, and had no idea how I was going to achieve my long-term goal, which was a $1,000,000 book of business.

So... I started to get serious about what kind of account I prospected, and what value I offered to the insured. Most importantly, however, I got laser-focused on creating "Peace of Mind" for my prospects and got very transparent with how the entire insurance process works.

The result for my second year in insurance sales?

Year #2 - "AFTER" implementing my strategic system

  • $375,000 of new business commission that year

  • $25,000 of commission per account

 I eventually built my book of business to just over $1,000,000 in total revenue before transitioning to become a risk management consultant and sales coach. I can help you become highly successful as well.

I will guide you through the process, teach you what I learned, what I did to become highly successful at insurance sales, and help you build your book of business to $1,000,000 or more as well. 

I Will Teach You

If you're currently struggling, here is what I will teach you

what you can expect

  1. I will teach you how to maximize your productivity and STOP OFFERING QUOTES to business owners who aren’t your real prospects.
  2. I will teach you how to collect significantly more signed BROKER OF RECORD LETTERS from prospective clients.
  3. I will teach you how to choose, develop, market, and brand yourself as an expert in the best MICRO NICHE INDUSTRY that will guarantee your success.
  4. I will teach you how to strategize and start writing LARGER (10x) REVENUE GENERATING ACCOUNTS.
  5. I will teach you how to structure, highlight, and sell the BENEFITS (rather than the features) of doing business with you and your agency.
  6. I will teach you a better way of prospecting and lead generation, how to make cold-calling easier, how to get considerably more qualified appointments, and WHAT TO ACTUALLY DO, SAY, PROMISE, AND OFFER to your prospects during your in-person appointments so that you can accomplish #2 (above) more consistently.
  7. I will hold you accountable, motivate and inspire you, provide easy-to-follow “systems” that work, and assist you in doing whatever needs to be done so that you can build a $1,000,000 book of business for yourself.

The Million-Dollar Curriculum

My highly-systematized process for building a $1,000,000 book of business
  • Thinking 10X-BIGGER - (Revenues & Mindset)

    There is a significant shift in mindset needed in order to prospect accounts that are 10x bigger than what you're used to. But that's what I'll teach you how to do!

  • Gaining the Prospect's Exclusive PERMISSION

    Becoming the Broker of Record is always the goal. ALWAYS THE GOAL! Quoting is never the goal. Quoting insurance policy renewals is for the weak!

  • Developing Your MICRO-Niche

    The riches are in the MICRO-niches. Construction, manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality ... these are industries, not niches. To MICRO-niche you must go deeper! I will teach you exactly how to do this.

  • Getting the Incumbent Agent FIRED and You HIRED

    Currently, another agent is seated in your chair. He/She has the leverage, and you don't. There is a lot of education, transparency, and trust needed to get the incumbent fired, once and for all. I will give you the answers to these problems.

  • Prospecting Do's and Don't Ever's

    The times have changed and so has what works in today's marketing economy. I will teach you the "How To" when it comes to effective email marketing, social media connections, cold-calling tips, tactics, techniques, scripts, as well as both what to say and what not to say to your prospects.

  • Stop Offering Quotes

    Talk about a waste of time! I will teach and show you both the WHY and HOW you should do this. It's more than merely "stopping" to do something. I will teach you how to get the insured to do business with you for refusing to quote their renewals.

  • The Steps to Collecting More Signed Broker of Record Letters

    I will teach you the WHY and the HOW of getting your prospects to assign you as their agent. I will also teach you why 25%, 60%, and 15% are very important percentages to either your success or failure in insurance sales.

  • Creating Your Timeline of Services

    I will help you create a timeline of Services & Products to offer your MICRO-niche prospect's in exchange for their business. These need to be Strategic, Objective, and Written (S.O.W.), so that the prospect trusts your capabilities.

  • Fee-Based Products & Can't-Live-Without Services

    Your prospects need your "Golden Handcuffs" and the perfect solutions to the main problems in THEIR industry. I will help you create these for your prospects so that they will soon become your clients.

  • Million-Dollar Mentorship

    Without constant accountability, you will likely fail. You need someone to guide you, walk with you, answer your questions, and give you wise counsel. I will teach you how to keep the momentum going for your new business prospecting.

3-Month Coaching Package

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