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Helping Insurance Agents Build a $1,000,000 Book of Business

I will teach you how to 12X your Book of Business by targeting signed Broker of Record Letters instead of wasting time offering renewal quotes.

Insurance Agents

  • Stop Wasting Time Offering Renewal Quotes
  • The Riches Are In the Micro-Niches
  • Mindset --- Prospect Larger Revenue Accounts
  • Target Signed Broker of Record Letters

Where insurance producers can find useful information, resources, training, and inspiration for building a $1,000,000 Book of Business!

Hello, my name is Charles Specht and I'm the CEO of Permission Group Inc.

WHAT I DO: I teach Insurance Agents how to build a $1,000,000 Book of Business by focusing on signed Broker of Record Letters instead of wasting time offering quotes.

HOW I DO IT: I provide in-depth 1-on-1 sales coaching and other PERMISSION-based sales training programs to Producers & Agency Principals. I offer online sales training courses (e.g. Millionaire Producer School a.k.a. "How to Collect Signed Broker of Record Letters") and also conduct onsite training seminars at insurance agencies around the country.

Client Testimonials

brian-somers“Before I met Charles, I was quoting most of my contractor prospects and waiting by the phone in hopes they would bind coverage with me. The problem is I went 1 for 17 in October with my method. Charles taught me what to say to prospects, how to demonstrate my value, and exactly how to ask for permission to get the Broker of Record letter. I immediately implemented it and have received BOR’s on 4 prospects in the span of a month with a projected revenue of around $35,000. I wholeheartedly advise any one in our industry to use his services!” -Brian Somers, Producer, Goodman Insurance

lalaine-latimer“As an insurance professional for more than 23 years, I have never met anyone as solid as Charles. He is very transparent and very professional. I have been an agent since 2003 doing the same style and technique over and over again, to a point that I got frustrated because I was expecting different outcomes/results over the years. I have always been consistently persistent, however, I needed better results. When I made a decision to retain the services of Charles, it was a point in my career that I knew I needed a coach. Charles was somebody who opened my eyes to different perspectives and sales techniques. The modules are well written, clear, concise and specific for insurance agents, which I find very helpful. As my coach, he always showed up and reminded me to stay strong, and maintain control which I truly appreciate!” -Lalaine Latimer, Principal, Mainstream Insurance Services, LLC

olu-adesuyan“If you are thinking of hiring Charles you should do it immediately. This guy is the real deal. I have been in the insurance business for over 20 years, attended several sales and marketing workshops, have read numerous training books, but nothing compares to the information and ideas shared by Charles. My staff and I learned a lot and we’re implementing the Broker of Record Letter material and growing our insurance agency beyond what we thought possible before his training.” -Olu Adesuyan, Principal, Cal Society Insurance Services, Inc.

Kim Dannetel“When I decided to grow my employee benefit practice I was at a loss as to where to start. I had an outdated website, no direction as to which customer demographic I should focus on and no idea on how to craft my message. Originally I felt very overwhelmed, I didn’t understand all I needed to do and I knew I didn’t have the discipline to stay on track to get these things done. That’s why I hired Charles. Charles helped me identify the services I needed to offer, he helped me create my unique message and he helped me identify an effective way to quickly communicate my message to my target customers. And he held me accountable. I would highly recommend any insurance agent to hire Charles for help with their insurance sales.” -Kim Dannettel, Principal, KD Benefits & Financial Services, Inc.

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I Teach Insurance Agents How To…

Stop Offering Quotes

Talk about a waste of time! I will teach and show you both the WHY and HOW you should do this. It’s more than merely “stopping” to do something. I will teach you how to get the insured to do business with you for refusing to quote their renewals.

Develop Your MICRO-Niche

The riches are in the MICRO-niches. Construction, manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality … these are industries, not niches. To MICRO-niche you must go deeper! I will teach you exactly how to do this.

Gain Your Prospect’s Permission

Becoming the Broker of Record is always the goal. ALWAYS THE GOAL! Quoting is never the goal. Quoting insurance policy renewals is for the weak!

Win Signed Broker of Record Letters

I will teach you the WHY and the HOW of getting your prospects to assign you as their agent. I will also teach you why 25%, 60%, and 15% are very important percentages to either your success or failure in insurance sales.

Think 10X BIGGER

There is a significant shift in mindset needed in order to prospect accounts that are 10x bigger than what you’re used to. But that’s what I’ll teach you how to do!

Create a Timeline of Services

I will help you create a timeline of Services & Products to offer your MICRO-niche prospect’s in exchange for their business. These need to be Strategic, Objective, and Written (S.O.W.) so that the prospect trusts your capabilities.

Get the Incumbent Agent FIRED and You HIRED

Currently, another agent is seated in your chair. He/She has the leverage, and you don’t. There is a lot of education, transparency, and trust needed to get the incumbent fired, once and for all. I will give you the answers to these problems.

Develop and Sell Fee-Based Products

Your prospects need your “Golden Handcuffs” and the perfect solutions to the main problems in THEIR industry. I will help you create these for your prospects so that they will soon become your clients.

Prospecting Do’s and Never Do’s

The times have changed and so has what works in today’s marketing economy. I will teach you the “How To” when it comes to effective email marketing, social media connections, cold-calling tips, tactics, techniques, scripts, as well as both what to say and what not to say to your prospects.

Million-Dollar Mentorship

Without constant accountability, you will likely fail. You need someone to guide you, walk with you, answer your questions, and give you wise counsel. I will teach you how to keep the momentum going for your new business prospecting.