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Helping Insurance Agents Turn Prospects Into Clients Through Signed Broker of Record Letters

As the CEO of, both my online courses and my proven sales coaching services, which focus primarily on how to effectively collect more signed Broker of Record Letters, teach insurance producers the fastest, smartest, most ethical approach to building a $1,000,000 Book of Business.

My unique approach to the insurance sales cycle is the perfect solution for any producer, specifically...

  • New Producers With No Book Of Business
  • Struggling Producers Stuck At A $100,000 Book Of Business
  • Seasoned Producers Coasting On A $350,000 Book Of Business
  • High-Performance Producers With A $1,000,000 Book Of Business, Looking To Grow Even More

Click here to learn more about how my in-depth sales coaching system can help you 10x your annual commissions. Also, be sure to download a free copy of my latest eBook, entitled Millionaire Producer.

Free Book:

Millionaire Producer

Client Testimonials

“When I started out as an insurance producer, I didn't know who to call, what to say, or even what niche to target for myself. Charles worked very closely with me to determine and develop my micro niche, and gave me tips on scripting and how to overcome obstacles when cold-calling and email marketing. This helped me tremendously and provided me with both the tools and the confidence I needed to achieve the level of success I wanted for myself.”

Derrick Fritz
Farmers Insurance Group

“Being in the insurance business for over 15 years, I found my sales approach getting stale and starting to feel frustrated with my results. Over the past few months of working with Charles and using his innovative techniques to selling insurance, I have found my enthusiasm has returned to my presentations and as a result closing more deals. I would highly recommend if you need to recharge your sales staff and improve your results, do not hesitate to consult with Charles.”

Lou Klein
The Dabelgott Agency

My Upcoming Book

Release Date: 3-1-2017

What others are saying about my book, or have provided unique quotes

“This isn't a book based on theories or ideas. It's an action plan that any insurance agent can use to explode their book of business. Charles highlights three areas where too many agents fall short; asking for permission, earning trust, and building relationships. You will learn how to provide and add tangible value to win business by providing real solutions to a target market. If you are tired of quoting and hoping and looking for proven ways to build your book of business the right way, read and apply the lessons in this book today.”

Brent Kelly
CEO, BizzGrizz Training
“Understanding the prospect's world --- challenges and needs --- are paramount to securing the trust and an order, rather than just throwing a quote out. For us at Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. that means that we need to include on our specialized marketing teams, in my case the non-profit sector, those professionals with social sector experience and skill to help make the translation to impact and stewardship.”

Peter A. Persuitti
Managing Director, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
“Concentrate on your prospect's NEEDS, not their WANTS. And always be innovating. If you're acting like everyone else you'll never rise to the top.”

Ty Sagalow
CIO & Founding Member, Lemonade Inc.
“Value is always in the eye of the beholder. That's why the focus needs to be, not on yourself, or even on your product, but on them, and what they are looking to accomplish.”

Bob Burg
Best-Selling Author & Speaker
“If the content you create is relevant to everybody, it's actually for nobody. If you aren't telling an original, differentiated story to a specific audience, you'll never stand out from the clutter.”

Joe Pulizzi
Founder, Content Marketing Institute
“Don't sell against your competition, sell above your competition. That means focusing on what you can do differently or better rather than focusing on what they don't do well.”

Mark Sanborn
President, Sanborn & Associates, Inc.
“In life, everything comes down to passion. A passion for the insurance products you are selling and a passion for leaving the commercial insurance buyer in a better financial position than they were when you first walked through the door.”

Kevin M. Bingham
Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP
“The new world of sales will not allow the same success levels of the old approach to selling. Every component of selling from prospecting, messaging, presenting and closing needs to be reviewed and retooled in order to be successful.”

Tom Searcy
CEO, Hunt Big Sales
“The competition isn't your rival selling a similar product or service; the competition is your customer, because they don't have to spend their hard earned dollar with you.”

David DePaolo
President & CEO, WorkCompCentral